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Our Mission Statement

Are You A Wyld Womxn?

We chose the word Womxn because it is inclusive of all women and intersectional identities. Wild spelled wyld is part of our right to be free in who are without anyone telling us otherwise. We are women who believe that nothing holds us down from our passions and dreams. We are wild in nature but grounded in our love for the earth and community.

Our Mission: About

The Essentials

  • Our collective believes in empowering all women through arts & activism by providing safe and inclusive spaces for them to collaborate, grow, and be themselves.​

  • Wyld Womxn welcomes all women artists who may identify as queer, transgender, agender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, POC, a person with disabilities, bi-cultural, immigrant, and/or all other intersectional identities

  • We work within our communities to establish gender equality and provide platforms for creativity, intersectionality, and inclusivity.

  • We use storytelling in a way to listen, share, connect, and build with each other and our communities.

  • We hold a safe space for authenticity, creative expression, and fluidity

  • We advocate for feminism and social change.

  • All our practices are organic and continue to evolve. We as a collective acknowledge all voices within our group when making decisions, creating events, and the overall betterment of everyone in our collective.

  • Self-respect and respect for others is something we truly value and cultivate each day as Wyld Womxn.

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