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become a wyld womxn member

Join us as a new member, renew your membership, or make an additional contribution today!

Wyld Womxn Membership is open to 18+, womxn identified folx (this includes trans* womxn, gender non-conforming folx and non-binary folx).


Grow With Us

Thank you for being on this journey with us these incredible past two and a half years! Wyld Womxn has continued to grow, deepen, expand in various ways and have found the need to organically create modes of sustainability to help keep Wyld Womxn Collective accessible and moving forward. Wyld Womxn has been running with a non-profit model in mind and has used modes of creative resource share, exchange, volunteering, and time banking.

What's New?

This July, we will be starting our pilot membership program and offering our membership clubs, offerings, and services as exclusive perks for our current and new Wyld Womxn members.  


In the past two years, we have used a collaborative feminist model to help sustain us. Our collaborative models have utilized creative resource share, a pay to play model and in-kind-donations. Members have generously donated to the collective in many ways from creative skill-sharing, donating resources, food, hosting a safe space, volunteering, monetary funds, to leading or running a Wyld Womxn public program or event. Our talented and amazing leadership team have stewarded this collective carefully with everyone’s best interest in mind. 

As we continue to grow into our third official year, Wyld Womxn will be creating a membership program and flexible options that include payment plans and work exchange opportunities which will utilize feminist values and collaborative models for growth and sustainability. Our membership options will continue to include resource share, work exchange opportunities, and in-kind donation to accommodate everyone. Wyld Womxn aims to keep our programming, events, and membership accessible to current and new members! 

How Membership Works! 


  • Annual Wyld Womxn membership is $120/year          ($10 a month). 

  • Annual Membership fees are due in August. 

  • If you are a  new member to Wyld Womxn, please fill out our membership form here. Scan and upload back to our email, or bring hard copy to any club or full moon gathering. 

 Membership Payment Options: 

  • In keeping with Wyld Womxn's Mission to keep our membership programming accessible, payment plans and work exchange opportunities are available, please inquire at


Membership Benefits Include:

  • Membership perks include access to a variety of our Wyld Womxn clubs, offerings, and invitations to special Wyld Womxn events.

  • Priority registration to Wyld Womxn Workshops and Special Events

  • Resources for creative professional development

  • Receive an exclusive Wyld Womxn Newsletter 


Drop-In Rate: 

You are welcome to drop-in at a rate of $5-$15 per a Wyld Womxn club/event. 

  • All our membership clubs will be opening up in July to new and interested womxn identified folx to check out.

Monthly Full Moon Gatherings:

We recommend our monthly Wyld Womxn Full Moon gatherings that are open to womxn identified folx, free admission, and a great way to meet and learn more about the collective!

Why a Wyld Womxn Membership? 

These past two and half years we have planned meaningful content, offerings, and provided successful creative and professional opportunities for Wyld Womxn members. 

From our popular monthly Full Moon Gatherings to our variety of clubs--Feminist Book Club, Supper Club, Hiking & Nature Club, Sisters in Studio Club, Creative Writing Group, All Things Queer--we have grown activities and engagements as our interests have grown organically. Most recently, we developed opportunities for members to be part of Wyld Womxn programming for The New Feminist Gaze, which included a visual arts exhibition, a performance evening, and two panel discussions.This public opportunity aligned with our mission and cultivated meaningful exchanges among our local communities. Notable outcomes included art sales, audience development, as well as a successful fulfillment of an initiative by two participating panelists. Sparking these connections and bridging creative work with feminism underscores the impact of Wyld Womxn’s organizing.


We have built up a membership base and waived members a fee for participation in perks such as Wyld Womxn clubs (Feminist Book Club, Supper Club, Hiking & Nature Club, Sisters in Studio Club, Creative Writing Club), and Community Events. Furthermore, we’ve successfully referred members and participants to professional, creative opportunities. Our network is strengthened by these referrals and reach. 


Multi-Dimensional Feminist Creative Programming


  • Our monthly full moon meetings have provided a space for womxn creatives to meet monthly, network, engage and be part of a creative and feminist community with radical womxn-centered themes i.e. self care, wellness, creative-skill sharing, feminist theory, health & sexuality dialogue, and special guest womxn speakers.


  • Wyld Womxn members have access to critical discussions on cultural and feminist theory, intellectual discourse, activist and community building through our members-only clubs like Feminist Book Club, Supper Club, Creative Writing Group, Hiking & Nature Club, Wyld Womxn Singers, our LGBTQ Club and more. 



  • Wyld Womxn have access to an open studio and time to create, collaborate, experiment, and further push their artistic practices in our program ‘Sisters in Studio.'


Wyld Womxn Success Stories!

  • Wyld Womxn successfully referred a guest artist member to a paid event opportunity.

  • Wyld Womxn referred womxn writers and members for the local chapter of the USA TODAY Storytellers Project.

  • Wyld Womxn has provided a platform and featured womxn makers and artists to share their talents, holistic and creative brands through our full moon gatherings, pop-ups, artist talks, and most recently at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs Earth Day Celebration. 

  • At our Earth Day wellness pop-up, a local womxn maker member made 4 sales and created future networking opportunities.

  • Wyld Womxn has provided speaking opportunities at local rallies. 

  • Wyld Womxn successfully referred a member to a timely mural opportunity.

  • Womxn artists’ sold artwork in The New Feminist Gaze exhibition

  • Womxn artist won an opportunity to exhibit her artwork in a follow up show

  • Several womxn performing artists enjoyed the opportunity to present their talents in our ‘Stories of Womxn’ performance evening as part of The New Feminist Gaze. The event earned positive press and attention from local media.

  • Wyld Womxn has networked and cultivated professional and creative opportunities. 

  • Wyld Womxn successfully referred members to job opportunities. 

  • Wyld Womxn has provided mentorship and feminist leadership values to our club facilitators and leadership team members.

  • Wyld Womxn continues to cultivate an accessible feminist community and network that is intersectional, positive, and inclusive! 


Where Does Money from Donations & Memberships go to? 

  Wyld Womxn Collective functions as a collaborative of womxn artists where the money we receive from donations and memberships will help us keep our monthly programming accessible and support the betterment of the whole collective. 


  • Help with keeping our Wyld Womxn Monthly programming accessible and low cost

  • Help cover our monthly operational costs

  • Space and venue rental to run monthly programming and special events

  • Wyld Womxn Public Programs and Community Events

  • Wyld Womxn Art Shows

  • Wyld Womxn Artists Workshops

  • Bringing in special guests womxn artists, activists, and local and regional community leaders. 

  • Supplies and materials needed for our monthly clubs and offerings

  • Save money to put towards having our own brick and mortar space in the future

We are excited to grow with you and continue to provide inclusive, accessible, intellectual, critical, educational, creative, and healing spaces through quality womxn centered programming that cultivates sisterhood, community building, collaboration, and social change! 

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